Kevin DeYoung’s Word for Pastors

Okay, so I didn’t really interview Kevin DeYoung, but in the final pages of Why We’re Not Emergent, he shares the question that guides him in ministry:

One of the things that keeps me grounded as a pastor is to ask myself, “Will this help me and my people die well?”

Pastors typically spend so much time on so many things, that I fear we lose sight of the reality that one day, those in our care will stand before the judgment throne of God. One day, we too, will find ourselves in that same position with the additional responsibility of being Teachers.

In that moment, the answer to DeYoung’s question will become dramatically relevant for us and for those we serve.

How can we help ourselves and our people “die well?”

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  1. Great question to ask ourselves often! It’s really the only relevance we should worry about.

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