John MacArthur on Leadership

As I traveled last week back and forth to The Gospel Coalition, I took the opportunity to read John MacArthur’s book, Called to Lead: 26 Leadership Lessons from the Life of the Apostle Paul. And my first tweet about the book basically says it all.

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According to Christ, then, the truest kind of leadership demands service, sacrifice, and selflessness. A proud and self-promoting person is not a good leader by Christ’s standard, regardless of how much clout he or she might wield… It’s folly for Christians to assume (as these days many do) that the best way for Christians to learn leadership is from worldly examples.

Here are the 26 lessons, but I’d highly recommend picking this book up at your next opportunity and reading it. In fact, I just added it to the Recommended Bookshelf for Church Leadership here.

  1. A Leader is Trustworthy
  2. A Leader Takes the Initiative
  3. A Leader Uses Good Judgment
  4. A Leader Speaks with Authority
  5. A Leader Strengthens Others
  6. A Leader is Optimistic and Enthusiastic
  7. A Leader Never Compromises the Absolutes
  8. A Leader Focuses on Objectives, not Obstacles
  9. A Leader Empowers by Example
  10. A Leader Cultivates Loyalty
  11. A Leader has Empathy for Others
  12. A Leader Keeps a Clear Conscience
  13. A Leader is Definite and Decisive
  14. A Leader Knows When to Change his Mind
  15. A Leader Does Not Abuse his Authority
  16. A Leader Doesn’t Abdicate his Role in the Face of Opposition
  17. A Leader is Sure of his Calling
  18. A Leader Knows his own Limitations
  19. A Leader is Resilient
  20. A Leader is Passionate
  21. A Leader is Courageous
  22. A Leader is Discerning
  23. A Leader is Disciplined
  24. A Leader is Energetic
  25. A Leader Knows how to Delegate
  26. A Leader is Christlike

Now that I’ve finished the book (it kept me awake multiple nights), I’m going to take the next year and focus on one specific characteristic each week.  I’ll end up running through the list twice in a given year, and by God’s grace, will become more of the leader that Christ calls me to than I am today.

What leadership characteristic do you think is most important?

Where do you struggle most?


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