Is God a Procrasinator?

Krista and I were discussing how it always seems that God waits until the absolute second to come through with provision. (This has been an oft-discussed issue with us, primarily because we’re in need of his provision!) As we talked about it, Krista was explaining to me how she had read Genesis 22 recently and how if anyone could relate to the question of God waiting, it was Abraham.

God could have provided a ram as soon as Abraham said he was willing, but he didn’t. God could have provided a ram as they were climbing the mountain, but he didn’t. God could have provided the ram as soon as they built the altar, but he didn’t. God provided the ram seconds before Abraham was to plunge the knife into his son.

As we discussed this passage, what struck me not when God chose to intervene, but rather that God sent his son and – like Abraham – was willing to sacrifice his son. But then it hit me. Laying in bed, I explained to Krista that Jesus wasn’t the son in the story – he was the ram.

I’m sure theologians, scholars, and ministers would agree with this – and probably already “get it” – but that had a lot of meaning to us last night.

If our great God is willing to provide the ram for Abraham – if our great God is willing to provide the spotless lamb for humanity – why would we (how could we) question his provision for us as we chase the dream he has placed in our hearts?

God does not promise comfort or prosperity. But he does promise provision and that he cares. For my family and I, that’s all we could ask for.

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