Interviewed by Chad Brooks regarding social media

I was honored this week to answer some questions from a good friend (and excellent musician), Chad Brooks, to speak to the use of social media for new pastors. The goal of the series is to encourage the usage of social media for pastors transitioning into a new church. The entire series is excellent and worth a read.


7.  What are some tips you would offer pastors going to new Churches regarding Social Media?
Have integrity.  That seems so generic that it seems to be no help at all, but the truth is that anyone who connects with you or stalks you via social media has an expectation as to how you are, what you think, what you like, etc.  Don’t be a cheerleader who uses three exclamation marks at the end of each update if you generally have a melancholy disposition.  Be the same guy on the web that you’ll be on the stage or in the pulpit.  Integrity speaks to both the depth to which you’ll expose yourself to your congregation (your followers on twitter shouldn’t know more about you than your church), and the authenticity that you will show online (pastors who only quote verses get unfollowed quickly because they are saying something but without any context)

Take a look at the series.

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And as to how far back Chad and I go back, well, you’d just have to take a look here.

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