One of my favorite things to do is to read. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to review books for different publishers over the past few years, and when Dan Darling asked me if I would be interested in reading his latest book, I jumped at the opportunity. His book – iFaith: Connecting with God in the 21st Century – uses jargon and examples from the modern, digital age to explore deeper, more profound truths regarding one’s prayer-life and intimacy with God.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I must admit that it took some patience to get past the digital references and examples – the read receipt, urgent email, the blue-screen-of-death, etc. – and zero in on the strength of his subject matter.  And his message is excellent – both what he writes and how he writes it.

As a culture that has become accustomed to immediate gratification and communication, the spiritual disciplines – especially prayer – become more important and require more patience and diligence on our part than we would ever imagine.  God (though beyond time), does not interact with his Creation in the immediate manner that we long for.  Instead, he beckons us to spend the energy and intentionality to seek him in prayer.  Fortunately for you (and for me), Dan Darling‘s book iFaith is a good guide to help us along that path.

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