If I weren’t in ministry…

This week was a hard week. While I was recommended to be a church planter at my last assessment, we simply cannot raise the necessary funds to move forward with a church plant. And so we’re back at square one: we know that God has a plan for us (and that it’s way greater than our own), we simply have no idea what that is.

Today I started pondering the question, “What would I do if I weren’t in ministry?”

Here’s my top ten:
10. Policeman – I would get a gun and permission.
9. Fireman – I would get an axe and permission.
8. Football Coach – I would get a whistle.
7. UFC Fighter – I would get to punch people.
6. Professional Golfer – I would get to whack a ball all day.
5. Surfer – I’ve never tried, but it looks cool.
4. Race Car Driver – “I wanna go fast!”
3. Teacher – Molding young minds.
2. Seminary Professor – I would have to finish my degree first.
1. Professional Musician – I’d have a creative outlet and get to do something I love.

What about you?

If you couldn’t do what you do… what would you do?

CLARIFICATION: I’m not quitting the ministry. I never was. You just wonder every now and then about taking an easier job, like air traffic control at DFW or something.

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