If I want to please God more…

Tim Chester:

So, if you are controlled by people’s expectations, then you need to learn the fear of the Lord, for the fear of God can be taught and learned (Deuteronomy 4:10; 17:18-19; 31:12; Psalm 34:9-11). Meditate on God’s glory, greatness, holiness, power, splendor, beauty, grace, mercy, and love. Often, in Psalms 18 and 34, for example, this is what the psalmist is doing. In the face of some threat, he’s speaking the truth about God to himself. He’s reminding himself of God’s glory so that fear of others is replaced by trust in God. Whenever you see someone whom you fear or whose approval you crave, imagine God next to him or her. Which of them is more glorious, majestic, holy, beautiful, threatening, and loving? Whose approval really matters to you?

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If I’m really more concerned about pleasing God than someone else, I would…

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