If I really believed God is good…

Tim Chester:

Jesus asks the woman [in John 4] to fetch her husband. This looks like a tangent, but in fact it leads straight to her heart. The truth is that she’s had five husbands and the man she’s now with is not her husband. She’s been looking for meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment in marriage, sex, and intimacy. But they’re like water that leaves her thirsty again. No doubt there was real pleasure. But it didn’t last. It wasn’t the real thing. It left her thirsty.
There was a clear pattern in her life. The math tells the story: five husbands plus another man.
What are the patterns in your life? Are the words “If only…” a refrain? What comes after the “If only…”? Do you really believe God is good?

Finish this thought…

If I really believed that God is good, I would stop…

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