I Love Salsa

I am not a chef. I don’t cook much in our house, but there are some things that are my responsibility. I make the scrambled eggs. I make the macaroni & cheese. I make a great shrimp slow boil. But the single dish that I make in our house is salsa.

It doesn’t take long at all. It doesn’t take a ton of know-how. It takes a little garlic, 2 jalepenos, a can of tomatoes, and some cilantro.

But I am convinced that chips and salsa are the absolute best snack and best appetizer. And nothing – absolutely nothing – goes better with a good football game than some good homemade salsa and tortilla chips.

You may think that this is an entire post about nothing. But before you click away, think about this. There is something that your friends and family think that you do better than anyone else. What is it?

You don’t have to make that your calling or the center of your life, but I challenge you to go do that thing for your family and their sake. They’ll love it.

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