I love community

In ministry, we talk about community so much. We refer to a community of faith. We teach the power of a believing community. The fact is that God has placed the power of synergy within community.

I noticed this while studying for my OT II test tonight. On my own, I am one of the least disciplined, most easily distracted, and laziest seminary students you’ve ever seen. I walked in Barnes & Nobles tonight absolutely clueless. As I approached, every question that was asked was met immediately by a blank stare on my part. But after learning in our study group, and listening to the input of the other students, I now can say that I know just enough.

They share the information, and I usually put some pop-culture spin on it that helps make it memorable. It’s the power of synergy in our group. The knowledge and capabilities of 6 individuals merge together to form a powerful combination.

I am so grateful for my community.

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