I double dog dare you

The last two years, I’ve read through the Bible cover-to-cover using The Daily Message. Over these last two years I have:

  • left a nice position at a great church in Corpus Christi, TX
  • uprooted my family from Corpus and moved to Austin
  • attempted to start a new church in Austin knowing that God would have to provide financially not only for our new church, but for my family as well
  • realized that, at worst, God looked upon my fervor and faith and said, “Nice layup. Totally wrong goal. But nice layup.”
  • uprooted my family from Austin and moved to Wichita, KS
  • taken a pastoral position at a new church in Wichita knowing that God will provide not only for our new church, but for my family as well.

There is no single mare dangerous thing than to immerse yourself in God’s Word. It will ruin you in a wonderful way. The way you look at the world will completely change because the way you look at God will completely change.

So ask your family this year for a Bible that you can read through in one year. There are dozens of different methods to read through the Bible – book-by-book, OT/NT/Psalms/Proverbs, Chronological, Topical, etc. Pick a translation that you can read easily because there will be days that it’s not easy. Buy a few highlighters, figure out what time of day you’ll read it, figure out where you’ll read it, pray for discipline and get after it.

Just don’t be surprised at the things it will completely change in your life.

Go ahead. I double dog dare you…

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