How to Select a Seminary

This morning, posted my article, How to Select a Seminary. If you’re currently considering seminary, I’ve outlined some things for you to consider.

Check out the full post here.

And as a bonus, I wanted to offer this thought.

Always be aware of the influences you’re placing yourself under

By submitting yourself to the seminary process, you’re placing yourself under the teaching and influence of the seminary’s professors. And while they cannot completely determine your spiritual condition, they will have significant sway.

To imagine that your convictions will be completely unaltered by those of your professors, is to be both naive and foolish. Generally speaking, if your professors aren’t actively growing in Christ, it’s unlikely that they will be of any service in your pursuit to do so.

As you go through the process of selecting a seminary, do all that is within your power to ensure that you are placing yourself under the authority and instruction of professors who are able and willing to help you pursue that highest calling – your growth in Christ.

What do you think are some important things to consider when selecting a seminary?

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