How to Interpret the Bible Like a Liberal in 8 Easy Steps

Step 1. Redefine a theological term in a way that no Biblical author would recognize.

Step 2. Force that theological redefinition on verses that are not primarily addressing a debated issue.

Step 3. Be sure your interpretation aligns with current cultural standards because they aren’t “archaic” and treat everyone “fairly.”

Step 4. Claim Biblical insight into the debated issue based upon that interpretation and read that new insight into verses that actually address the debated issue.

Step 5. Make an emotionally charged accusation against those who interpret the text in a manner consistent with 2 millennia of church history.

Step 6. Enjoy fellowship with others who share your hermeneutical methodology and break from any traditional reading of the Scriptures.

Step 7. Make Scripture mean whatever you want it to despite authorial intent or other trivial matters such as Biblical fidelity.

Step 8. Declare Scripture to be unclear or inconsistent due to the various interpretation and meanings all traced back to poor hermeneutics.


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