How to Get a Jump on the Next Semester

Not all that long ago, I asked a professor what the best use of my time would be before the semester began. “How,” I asked, “can I best prepare myself for the coming semester?”

His answer was one of the best I’ve heard…

Email your professors and request a book list and/or syllabus. Get at least a month ahead on your reading in every class, and try to get a jump on any papers. Then you’ll be primed to actually learn something during the semester, and not just trying to keep up.


Imagine what it would feel like to actually be ahead with your reading instead of behind! Imagine having a foundation to understand the lectures from day one.

I guarantee your professor will remember the guy who’s spending his break preparing for the semester.

How do you get a jump on the next semester?

Drop a comment and then go send a few emails.

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