How Could We Forget?

Remember that urge you had immediately following the earthquake in Haiti?

I do.

I remember longing to be a part of something that would be help and restoration to such devastation. I was able to do that in small part by sponsoring a sweet little girl in HELP’s orphanage, but still wanted to get more involved.

And it was on the mind and heart of every person with a soul for about 6 months.

How quickly we forget.

The United Methodist Church recently released a living ad detailing the work that’s still left to be done.

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What can you do? How can you help?

There’s still so much left to be done.

Check out HELP for more opportunities to get involved.

HT: Eric

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  1. Mom
    1 April 2011 at 6:27 pm

    I have not forgotten. I have two contacts in Haiti that I speak to almost weekly and the situation is desperate -hopeless. Thank you for reminding us all that the people of Haiti need our help and our prayers.

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