How Can a Christian Vote Democrat?

First, allow me to clarify the question.

I am not hard-line Republican. I am a seminary student and pastor. I believe in a hedge of separation between church and state – for the protection of the church from the government (the original intent of the first ammendment). Congress may not establish a state (or national church) and has no business inserting themselves into church matters.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

I do not believe that evangelicals can wed themselves to any particular party. To my mind, there can not be any consummation of any church or religion with Republicans or Democrats. The people of God are to be aliens in this world and citizens of the Kingdom of God. While our earthly citizenship is here, our allegiance rests in Christ.

With that in mind…

I cannot understand why any blood-bought Christian would vote for a party that has defended the murder of millions of unborn children in the name of the freedom to choose. The unborn child’s right to life is infinitely more valuable than any right of choice.

I cannot understand why any Bible-believing Christian would vote for a party that has made the rejection of God’s design for marriage a major part of their political platform in their support of legalizing same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage is a contradiction in terms. God created woman for man and established the marriage covenant. This is the foundational building block for any society and has been through the ages.

I cannot understand why any member of the Kingdom of God would vote for a party that has declared war on religious freedom in their mandate that all insurance companies provide free birth control despite religious objections. Insurance companies and hospitals wil now be required to provide medications and abortifacients against their own convictions.

I cannot understand why anyone who fears the name of God would vote for a party that first removes God from their political platform and then re-inserts God’s name into the platform despite their own objections and boos.

The Democratic party has made it clear – God has no place in their politics. Considering that…

How Can a Christian Vote Democrat?


  1. I agree bro, I don’t know how any believer can vote democrat for all the reasons you listed and more. However I do have strong believing friends I respect who do not see it that way. It boggles me.

  2. David,

    Amazing well written post! I agree on all. Blessings to you for speaking out!!

    Yours in Jesus,
    Kevin Bentch

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