Heat AND Light

I’ve been stretched reading John Piper’s Desiring God lately, and I connected with something that he quotes Jonathan Edwards as preaching:

If a minister has light without heat, and entertains his [hearers] with learned discourses, without a savour of the power of godliness, or any appearance of fervency of spirit, and zeal for God and the good of souls, he may gratify itching ears, and fill the heads of his people with empty notions; but it will not be very likely to reach their souls.  And if, on the other hand, he be driven on with a fierce and intemperate zeal, and vehement heat, without light, he will be likely to kindle the like unhallowed flame in his people, and to fire their corrupt passions and and affections; but will make them never the better, nor lead them a step towards heaven, but drive them apace the other way.

Heat AND Light.  Passion and strong doctrine.
Refuse to let your passion be diffused by critics.  But make certain that you are acting in the strength and wise council of God.

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