Hearing Whispers

Sometimes it seems that God speaks with great volume and power. Others, like Elijah experienced, He only speaks through that still, small voice. Why is that? Why does the all-powerful, Creator-God speak in a whisper so faint that we can so easily lose doubt what we have heard?

And we do that, don’t we? I know I have. I haven’t just grown weary in ministry. Not any moreso than any other pastor. I haven’t wondered if I lack the raw giftset to plant a new church – I doubt my worthiness to do so, but not gifting. Of all things, and with great trepidation, I doubt at times if that’s really what God said.

And that’s when God does something amazing. Every time I go into this questioning, God steps in and whispers again.

Which brings me back to my question: Why does he whisper?

My humble opinion and experience is this. He whispers because that forces is to lean in constantly. It forces us to seek clarity and assurance.

Certainly there are times when God expects we immediately step out in faith with no room for doubt, but how often does God give us just enough instruction and direction to move is one step forward while waiting on further instruction?

So as you listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and move forward one step at a time, lean into God. But lean forward as you do. God never calls us to inaction. God never calls us to passivity. Sabbath to be sure, but never passivity.

So listen to the whispers. Chase after his will and plan for you. Feel free to seek clarification. Explore affirmation. But do so moving in that direction.

Hearing the whispers of God is the most exhilarating manner in which to live. There is risk, make no mistake, but leaning forward into God places you in the center of his plan for your life and places you in the midst of his provision.

All you have to listen and obey. Or as a Biblical Interpretation professor of mine once explained, “you just live in the light you’re given and constantly pray for more light.”

What whispers are you hearing?

Props to Lifechurch.tv for provoking this thought.

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