Happy Spoil-the-Wife Day

Today we celebrate Spoil-the-Wife Day at our house. Unfortunately and ashamedly, I have to admit that this does not occur every day (but I’m working on it!). This morning, I woke up with the kids and allowed her to sleep in until 9am. I didn’t wake her then! She awoke on her own.

After breakfast, I quickly went and worked out at the gym (which I desperately needed, but had NO desire to do so) before sending her to watch a movie with her mother and aunts. Apparently it’s some chick-flick that I had no desire to watch, so effectively, it’s a win-win. She gets to see a movie that I don’t want to, and I get to be the good guy.

I kept the kids at the house, making forts, watching Thomas the Tank Engine and Phineas and Ferb, playing Transformers, making lunch, and even getting the little one to take a nap!

My wife is incredible and puts up with more crap from me than she deserves to, so I don’t mind spoiling her at all. In fact, I kind of like it! She gets some time to relax and rejuvinate, and I get to spend some good time with the munchkins. Spoil-the-Wife Day is a fun day for the entire family.

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