Gym Rats and Church Mice: The Superhero

We have no idea when the superhero first started working out.  He has picutres of when he was grossly overweight, but no one can remember when exactly that was because they have only seen him as this perfect physical speciman.  He lifts weights daily and finishes each and every workout with a 5 mile run on the treadmill, during which he doesn’t sweat a drop.  He’s never been seen eating anything unhealthy, but instead always kissing on a bottle of water or protein drink throughout the day.

In the church, the superhero looks a little differently.  They’re the best looking person at church, usually wearing the most popular, current Christian clothing, drinking they’re Christian coffee while dropping their perfect 2.4 children off at the children’s ministry.  They’re incredibly nice and caring, and no one really has anything negative to say about them.  And yet they appear distant for some reason.
The tragic danger for the superhero is this: they’ve been perfect and lived so wonderfully for so long that they simply can’t comprehend what it’s like not to have the perfect life.  There is a disconnect.  They don’t have much sympathy or compassion for anyone unable to live to the same standard that they live.
It’s an amazing thing that they’re living such a transformed life.  There is no shame in that, in fact it is to their credit and to the glory of God that their lives are so distinct.  However, the superhero must make a more intentional effort to connect with those living in a different manner.

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