Gym Rats and Church Mice: The Socialite

At the gym, she’s extra sweet.  She’s constantly talking and sharing and standing around her girlfriends as they lift, run, or sweat.  For extra flair, she occasionally tastes the water from her name-brand waterbottle.  When asked her fitness goals, she says all of the right things, but something’s awry.  She never works out!  She’s constantly talking.  She wants so desperately to belong to something, but doesn’t do the most important thing to get there.

Tragically, she’s in the church too.  She isn’t interested in showing off.  She’s completely there to build relationships – to talk to people.  She may be a soccermom ignored by her husband.  She could be a desperate single who hears the biological clock a’tickin’.  She could actually be anyone who’s more interested in the people at the church than she is in the God who died for that church.

In the gym, she does no good for her health.  In the church, she does no good for anyone (in fact, she’s liable to participate in gossip because of her lack of action, which would do harm).

Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty! Proverbs 14:23 (NLT)

Don’t be the socialite.  Remember why you’re there.

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