Good Morning 3 o’clock

This morning is my last time to wake up at 3 o’clock in order to go open the gym. I’ve been getting up that early since September, and to be honest, it’s downright painful.

So, I though that I’d let you know at 3AM that I’m now getting up and heading to work one last time while you’re probably still snoring and getting that little bit of slobber on your pillow.

Don’t worry, next week there’s no way.

In fact, if I’m up at 3AM next week, it will be in a sheer panic, waking up with night sweats with worry. Next week, the next step of my journey begins. But until then, I leave you with my morning routine.

3:00 AM – Get up and Clean up
3:15 AM – Walking out the door to the Jeep
3:17 AM – Start the Jeep and begin running red-lights all the way to the gym
3:40 AM – Arrive at gym and punch in 5 minutes early
3:45 AM – Turn on lights and music
4:00 AM – Open the doors and begin stocking the coolers
4:45 AM – Read blogs from my Blackberry sipping on a caffeine drink (Thanks for the mobile access Bloglines!)
5:00 AM – Sign up members for Spin Class
5:30 AM – Spin Class begins and begin reading Scripture
6:00 AM – Quiet Time finished, gym up and running, reading a little Piper throughout the morning in-between greeting and helping members

What did you accomplish before 6AM this morning?

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