Funding Your Ministry

This book was the required reading and our text for the support raising bootcamp I attended this week.

In church planting, you’re told of the importance of fundraising.  Some associations and groups won’t even talk to you until you’ve raised x amount of dollars.
And yet, I’ve found that there’s very little help as to the “how” of fundraising and support raising.  This book stands in that gap, and I think, does an incredible job explaining the benefits and methods best used in support raising.
The proof will be in the next couple of months as I seek to put it into action, but I can say that the study of Biblical support in the appendix is worth the price of the book alone.  I had never looked, passage by passage, at what the Bible says about living off of support.  This gave me a much better understanding and foundation to begin with.
If you’re starting a new church, or a non-profit, or you’re planning on going into the mission field, get this book.  The cartoons and illustrations are lame, but the content is pure gold.

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