Fuller on “dry and uninteresting” doctrinal preaching


The prejudice of many Christians against doctrinal preaching, as being, in their esteem, dry and uninteresting,—and the preference given to that which is more descriptive of their feelings, and therefore termed experimental,—is worthy of attention. If the doctrine which we preach be not the unadulterated gospel of Christ, it will indeed be dry; or if, instead of entering into the spirit of truth, we are employed in a fruitless discussion of terms, or things on which the Scriptures forbear to decide, it must needs be uninteresting and even disgusting to a holy mind. But if the pure gospel of Jesus, well understood by the preacher, and communicated from the fulness of his heart, do not interest us, there must be some lamentable disorder in the state of our minds. If the manna that comes down from heaven be loathed, it is a sign that things are not with us as they ought to be.

Andrew Fuller, The Complete Works of Andrew Fuller, 170

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