Forget Your Notes and Let God Speak

This morning, I forgot my notes.  They’re sitting on my desk at the Corpus Christi campus, and I’m ashamed to say that this is not the first time that such a goof has occurred.  The interesting thing is that in the midst of my progression of speaking, every time I have forgotten my notes, God has absolutely shown up.  It always strikes me as something super-powerful when I forget my notes and pray with a sense of desperation for God to speak his words through my mouth, because I don’t want to abuse my platform.

I’m too creative to not use notes on a regular basis.   They help me stay on point and smooth out transitions.  When I try to go without notes on a regular basis (and I’ve tried this before), often I find that I may misuse my platform by ranting on some other point or sharing my opinion as though it were fact.  Instead, my notes become map as much as GPS.  Not only does it help me know where I’m going, but it helps me be aware of where I am and whether or not I’m on point.
Now, I don’t necessarily always stick to the script – I welcome the Holy Spirit to interrupt me and take me where he wants to go – but I know that those interruptions are fewer and farther between when I’m not prepared to go there.
This morning was a tough message because, like most youth pastors, I know a lot of students dealing with issues that they shouldn’t have to.  I know students in our ministry that have aloof parents, absent parents, abusive parents, etc.  But God’s Word is clear, so I can’t dance around the issue and not speak to it.  Maybe that’s why God did something amazing this morning – because he knew this issue wasn’t one I wanted to tackle, so He did instead… Cool thoughts.

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