Finding the right ministry position

So, Krista and I have decided to step back from church planting in order to take care of our family. Now we face the daunting task of finding the right position at the right church in this market.

There are so many job boards and websites out there that it’s intimidating and can cause one to doubt and worry if you’ve missed one, or forgotten to look at one at any given time. So, these are the websites that I search (and have used in the past) when looking for a place to serve.

What sites am I leaving out or forgetting?

I often end up defaulting to youth ministry websites because that’s where most of my ministry experience is from. What else is out there?

And the truth of the matter is that the “safer” and “more effective” method for both the job-seeker and the church is to find staff through word-of-mouth and relationships.

Would you be willing to keep an eye out for me in your area?

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