Falling in Awkwardly

I’ll never forget getting a twitter DM from some dude named Michael who was inviting his sister-in-law (who lived several hundred miles from him) to our church. He had found me on twitter, checked out this blog, and while on vacation, brought his sister-in-law to our church for the first time. As you might imagine, that left quite an impression on me regarding this guy’s heart for his family and for Christ.

As impressed as I was on that day, our conversations since have left me grateful for his friendship and his voice in my life.

Today, I’m excited to share my friend with, well, my friends. After you finish reading, drop a comment, and go check out his blog called Untitled.

You can follow him on twitter @MichaelDPerkins (and you might even receive a sweet DM one day!)

A few weeks ago my family and I went to a public pool. And my favorite thing to do there is watch people go off the diving board.

There is something awesome about watching people, both young and old, run and just jump in off the diving board.

But I have a confession: Sometimes I laugh at them.

Because occasionally someone will start running and then stop right before they get to the end of the diving board due to fear.

And then they fall in…awkwardly…

Kinda makes me think about people who step out on faith. They start out full-steam-ahead. And then they get to the point where they have to jump and trust, but stop abruptly.

And then they fall in…awkwardly…

I think it just goes to show that if you are the one who has stepped out on faith, running full-steam-ahead; don’t stop suddenly.

Keep going.

Keep trusting.

Jump in.

Because then you won’t fall in awkwardly.

Have you ever fallen in awkwardly because you stopped right before you had to jump?


  1. I honestly think the majority of folks stop before jumping in. I am one for just jumping in. The longer you think, wait, stop before jumping in, the harder it gets.

    Make the choice and go for it!

  2. I pray that I get more comfortable with jumping in. I was just thinking about how I’ve never been off of a high dive because I’m not a fan of heights. Now, I’m not sure I’ll ever do that, I was just thinking about it. Great post!

  3. I love diving boards. I jump right in. I am a good swimmer and actually swim 3X a week. A freaking dolphin I’ll tell you!

    Have I ever “stopped” in my walk? I have, but I have often found that it takes more energy, more thinking and more time to do it again. So, why not jump the first time in? It works!

  4. Yea, I’ve had my fair share of awkward falling moments. I’m overly cautious in general, and that get’s the best of me, especially when it’s just about jumping into those deep waters.

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