Drive-Time Devotions

I have a confession to make. I’m a junkie. Seriously, I have a real problem. I realized this fact as I was driving back from Austin to Corpus Christi. I can’t stop. I’ve tried, but I can’t shake it.

I’m a sermon junkie. That’s right. A sermon junkie. I drove around Austin today, and then back home listening to sermon after sermon. I listened to Mark Driscoll’s sermon on the model prayer. Then I listened to Eric Bryant & Erwin McManus discussing Loving Unlikeable People. After that, I listened to Perry Noble answering “How do I know God’s will?” And I just started listening to Craig Groeschel discussing “So you’re dead…now what?”

I think I may have a problem. But I have found that listening to other communicators and pastors helps me to redeem the time I have behind the wheel in my Jeep. Sometimes, I prefer to have the top off and just drive. Others, however, I need to be able to have my quiet, still moments listening to God’s Word being taught.

I have also found that this is helpful for me as a communicator. Not so that I may copy or plagiarize – God forbid. But so that I can learn from guys that are doing what I enjoy doing and believe that God is calling me to do.

What do you do to make the best use of your time behind the wheel of your vehicle?

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