Cruciform Press

This year at The Gospel Coalition, I had a good friend turn me on to a new publishing group known as Cruciform Press. Thus far, I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

In their words:

Cruciform Press was created in answer to a single question:
What would a book-publishing company for gospel-centered Christians look like if it began with the realities of 21st century technology?

Our answer?
It would focus on Content, Simplicity, Reliability, Trust, Convenience, Voice, and Community.

Each month, Cruciform Press releases another book and subscription members receive a copy based on the format that they sign up. Print subscribers (my choice) pay $6.49 each month. Those who opt for an ebook subscription only pay $3.99. When was the last time you could get a clear, concise, theological reliable book for less than $7 on a regular basis?

Thus far, I’ve received Cruciform, “But God,” and Smooth Stones. I’ve managed to read each book in less than a day (usually two sittings), but each has required significantly longer to consider and think about.

I don’t know what your book budget is, but I’m almost certain you can justify $6.49 to broaden your theological scope and widen it’s depth. I honestly don’t think you can afford not to.

Get more info at their website:


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