Cowardice or Arrogance?

Most new pastors enter their new role with one of two mind-sets. They either walk in terrified of anything resembling a decision or they enter in as though the Holy Spirit had been waiting for that moment to breathe life into the church. The reality is that neither is better than the other – one is cowardice, and the other is arrogance.

The Call for Cowards to Lead

You are called by God to shepherd the flock entrusted to you. Refusing to make a decision is an abdication of your God-given role. You have a Biblical mandate to lead. Lead with discernment. Lead with wisdom. Lead with counsel. But lead.

The Call for the Arrogant to Serve

As Christ washed the feet of his disciples, you are called to serve your flock well. Your church exists for the glory of God and as an outpost of the Kingdom, not in order to establish a platform for your celebrity. Serving the flock means leading them for their sake. Serve with abandon. Serve with zeal. Serve sacrificially. Serve radically.

The Call of a Pastor

We’re called to serve and lead. The best way to do things isn’t the way that it’s always been done or only your way. Somehow, you’re called to both. Somehow, you have to lead boldly while serving humbly.

We all do.


  1. Good word here David. I appreciate thinking through that tension that exists between leading and serving. Jesus somehow managed to do both seamlessly. I think that radical service can build the relational equity that creates radical followers. If we think “serve” first that will help a lot of us natural leaders to walk more humbly in our leadership.

    On a side note…Love the Mr. T banner. Hilarious.

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