4 Reasons to go to a Community Group Model

  1. It does away with generational separation. – We need older generations to pour into younger generations and bring experience, wisdom, and perspective into our lives.  And we who wouldn’t consider ourselves “older” still have the opportunity to help a high school or junior high school student avoid some of the pains and struggles that we went through.  Paul spent extensive time in 1 Timothy and Titus teaching the church that generations are supposed to be interacting and growing together.
  2. It increases the potential for neighborhood impact. This blogpost ruined me when Krista brought it to my attention.  This is why we do what we do.  Some people have the gift of evangelism.  Some people go into the grocery store for a gallon of milk, have 3 people ask them how to accept Christ, and then take a $5,000 offering before checking out.  For the rest of us, we need partnerships.  We need prayer support.  We need others participating with us to bring people to Christ.
  3. Every community group has the potential to become it’s own core group. – People that we encounter everyday are in need of the hope of Christ.  At Crossroads, we long to see churches planted to the glory of God and for the sake of the Gospel.  The best way we can imagine this happening is if our community groups take root and take the task of transforming their neighborhoods with Christ seriously.  If that happens, the community group will grow and could possibly become a church plant.  That’s a win.
  4. Sometimes the only thing we have in common is Christ – and that’s enough. – Most of the time, community groups will discover a like-mindedness and unexpected commonality.  However, sometimes the conversation doesn’t really spark until the Bible is opened and people begin sharing what God is doing in their lives.  This shouldn’t be seen as a weakness or a lack of community – but a gift of God to offer us a glimpse of true Gospel community.  When shallow conversations fail, we can expect the greatest discussions of the work of Christ is our lives.

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