Colt McCoy, Jesus, and a Leadership Lesson

Last night during the National Championship, I was struck by a few thoughts, but none, perhaps, as soul-stirring as this one:

The Longhorns played well, but couldn’t overcome the loss of the player that the team is built around – Colt McCoy. The offense centers around him, and the defense gains confidence in knowing that he can put points on the board.

That should cause us to ask the question, “Who is our church built around?”

There’s a growing trend in churches of making the lead pastor the star-player that the church is built around. His charisma and contacts are considered to be the things that carry the church. His preaching or leadership gift move the church forward.

This is wrong.

Our churches must be built upon Jesus. There’s no one else worthy of that role.

Are we structured so that Jesus is the “Senior Pastor?” Are we structured so that his Word and Will direct the church’s direction? Are we structured in a way that makes every other staff position replaceable except his?

The beauty of it is that he’ll never be injured and taken out of the game. He is the only one who will never fall, never fail, and never leave.

Why would we build the church on anything else?

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