Recommended Bookshelf – Church Leadership

Books that I have found useful in church leadership (and this list will grow over time):

Other leadership books that have stood out to me:

What books have you found useful in church leadership?


  1. I love Axiom and Transforming the church in rural America.

    Right now I’m reading Ben Arment’s Church in the Making and it’s really solid stuff.

  2. Out of that list I have read 4. I would say Axiom would be my top one out of the list. I few other books I have read regarding leadership are:

    1. The Way of the Shepherd by Kevin Leman & William Pentak
    2. Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels

  3. I’d add Andy Stanley’s 7 Practices for Effective Ministry and Winning on Purpose by John Edmund Kaiser (outstanding)… also, no Maxwell?

    1. You know, I just haven’t read any of Maxwell’s stuff. I’m not opposed to it, but just haven’t had the urge to pick one of his books up.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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