Caught Him!

This evening, I was talking with Krista at the dinner table after we had eaten and something caught my ear. It was my son’s voice, but something was awry (that’s SAT-speak for odd). He was reading the story of the 10 Plagues to his little sister! Clearly, he was having to work at it, but he did it. We just sat there dumbfounded – exhausted from a long day, but incredibly proud.

Later, as I was tucking him in bed, he was still reading from Scripture!  He had read over 25 pages in one night!  He’s still in kindergarden!  Then he asked me if I would show him how to read it in the morning so he could have a quiet-time!
I haven’t done much well as a father, but this is the kind of moment I’ve been waiting on.  I’ve begged God (today even) that Micah’s heart would get gripped by a holy hand.  I can only pray now that I continue to model what he’s imitating, and encourage and lead him without pressuring him.  I want his faith to be his own, not that which I’ve imposed upon him.  So far things are looking up.

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