can a home office work?

The consideration of where to work, especially for pastors, is a big deal and has sparked some interesting conversations. I make no bones about it, I think most pastors should try to work from a mobile office at least for a season. But, there are some strong, valid challenges of that as well. So today let’s look at the benefits of working from home.

  • FREE!!! – When you work from home, you eliminate the overhead of an office building or complex AND the responsibility to patron the coffee shops and diners where you would work from.  A home office allows you to use internet you probably already have, drink coffee you already brew, and wear clothes that, well, you would never wear elsewhere.  Times are tough and money’s tight.  This option is just the right price.
  • Short Commute – When I lived in Austin, TX, there were two roadways that you simply did not want to get on.  I-35 and MoPac were notorious parking lots.  If you wanted to go from the south side of town up north, you had better have packed your lunch.  Even going to the nearest coffee shop would require 5-10 minutes of driving in traffic, followed by another 5-10 minutes of setting up and getting settled for work.  When you work from home your commute lasts somewhere around 10-30 seconds as you walk to your desk.  Nice.
  • Nice Company – I haven’t had a difficult time with any co-workers in any of the office environments that I’ve been in.  I’ve been blessed to have built some great relationships with some greater folks.  But, none of them compare to my wife and kids.  There’s nothing like hammering something out at the kitchen table while drinking coffee with my wife – especially when she points out a creative solution that would never have occurred to me.  Working from home allows me to take breaks at certain times and get on the floor and play with my kids.  That usually doesn’t occur in a cubicle.

These are some excellent reasons – some to seriously consider when electing where to office – but there are some significant challenges as well.  We’ll look at those next week.

But until then, chime in.  Am I forgetting something?

Your turn…

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