Calling vs. Concept

This morning, I had a really good conversation with another pastor here in the northeast Texas area. He and I had some good discussions regarding church planting, launching, church models, etc. and that’s when the hingepoint of our discussion came into play.

He had actually been burdened with planting a church some time ago, however, he felt that he was directly where God wanted him to be for the time being – perhaps longer. His statement was, “David, I’m pretty sure I was in love with the concept without actually being called.”

My response was very simply, “That’s awesome! That means God is giving you a platform from which to champion church-planting!” Of course, that was my opportunity to ask his support (and that of his church) for the church my family will be launching in south Austin in the coming months.

Whether that opportunity fleshes itself out or not, I firmly believe that those of us with specific calling also have concepts of ministry that we are to champion. For instance, I am not called to be a missionary to Africa. However, I am certainly in prayer and support of all of the Christian men and women of those who are called. I am in prayer for the suffering of the sick and the thirst of those without clean drinking water. But I am not called to that ministry.

I am called to champion those causes from the platform I am given by my call – formerly student ministry and now, church planting. So the question becomes for each of us twofold:
a.) What are we (you) called to do?
b.) What concept are you drawn to champion from your calling?

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