“But God…” The Two Words at the Heart of the Gospel

James Boice once wrote, “May I put it quite simply? If you understand those two words – ‘but God’ – they will save your soul. If you recall them daily and live by them, they will transform your life completely.

In “But God…”, Casey Lute sets out to do just that – to understand those two words – and in doing so, discovered that,

Having searched through and referenced every instance of “But God” (or “But he,” “But you,” etc.), I have found that this phrase is used to describe God’s activity in nearly every great salvation story in the Bible.

Time and time again, we discover the bad news about humanity and our situation and the good news of God and his work on our behalf. And repeatedly situated somewhere in the middle, lies these two words, “but God.” From Genesis 8:1, Exodus 13:18, Nehemiah 9:17, Psalm 40:6-8, Romans 5:8, Acts 13:30, 1 Corinthians 1:27, Ephesians 2:4, and 2 Timothy 2:19, the wondrous beauty of the gospel lies in God’s character and actions contrary to our own.

This book is a great resource for anyone looking for a clearer picture of the Gospel and what makes it such great news.

“But God…” The Two Words at the Heart of the Gospel
Published by Cruciform Press

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