Books I’m Using to Preach Through Colossians

This summer, I’m participating in Turbo Hebrew at Southwestern Seminary – that is, I am taking the first two semesters of Biblical Hebrew in the months of June and July. The danger in cramming such a labor-intensive course into the summer (apart from simply bombing-out) is that I might finish the course with no clear understanding of the Biblical language. Another very real danger is that in putting the extensive time in the study of Hebrew, I might lapse in my Greek studies.

So this summer, I decided to take a risk and preach through the book of Colossians (translating each verse individually) while taking the Hebrew course. This, I hope, will enable me to maintain my Greek proficiency (which is in and of itself an overstatement) while studying Hebrew.

With that having been written, I thought I would share the five primary resources, apart from my Greek New Testament, that I’m utilizing as I work through the book of Colossians.

What are your top books on Colossians? What one book am I missing out on?

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