Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas

I don’t typically read biographies. I don’t have a good reason, I just don’t. But that practice will need to change. Reading Metaxas’s Bonhoeffer has made all of the difference.

I had often heard of Dietrich Bonhoeffer – a German theologian who would leave academia for the pastorate and live his convictions to the extent of giving his life for conspiring against Hitler. Amazingly enough, that never really drew my attention (in spite of the prodding of one particularly good seminary professor).

Bonhoeffer’s story is beautiful, inspiring, tragic, and hopeful all at once. And the greatest gift that the author gave his subject is that you hear Bonhoeffer’s voice, not necessarily the author’s. In this biography, you don’t read of what the author thinks of his subject, but rather he introduces you to one of his heroes, who soon becomes your own.

Pastor, buy this book. Student, buy this book. Christian, buy this book. Non-believer, buy this book. Read it to gain a deeper understanding of the man he was and the life we’re called to live.

This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson.

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