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In February 2008, I began blogging at In the 10 years that have followed, the site has undergone multiple facelifts (some designs that are just a scootch better than a 1990s-styled geocities site) and a few domain changes. In 2011, when my family and I moved to Fort Worth in order to attend seminary, my posting schedule slowed to a crawl. Over the course of the last few months, however, I’ve been discussing the possibility of doing something new.

The question arose, then, do I continue this blog? Or is the new project worth a fresh start?

As the title of this post makes evident, I’ve opted to close this blog. The archive will continue to live on the dark recesses of internet obscurity (where perhaps it is best-suited).

For those who have followed my journey from Corpus Christi to Austin to Wichita to Fort Worth, please know how appreciative I am for you. I’ve gone back and read some of my old posts, and I can only imagine the level of personal affection you must have had for me in order to be so patient as to have read every one.

The Lord has been gracious and merciful. Perhaps the foolishness of some of my earlier posts, the lack of discernment, and the immaturity evident therein can serve to encourage someone that the Lord is patient and kind and will lead his children into a deeper relationship with him, “for he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil 1:6, CSB).

Soon, I’ll be posting about a new project that I’m currently working behind the scenes to get ready for public view. I’m looking forward to sharing it with y’all.

I’ll update soon. Thanks.

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