Between Wyomings

There’s something special about listening to someone tell stories of their life. In Between Wyomings by Ken Manfield, the author describes a journey that he and his wife, Connie, took across the country in search of self-discovery. Along the way, with their iPods on shuffle, Ken recounts different accounts of his life; from the Thanksgiving that Ringo Starr showed up to carve the turkey to his days on the road with Willie (Nelson) and Waylon (Jennings).

This book brought to mind countless other stories I’d heard from those who have lived full lives before me, and I could not prevent a smile from spreading across my face during each story. In listening to these kinds of stories, I’m always amazed at the smallness of our world, considering all of the characters that show up during the telling.

Perhaps the most enjoyable moments in the book surround Ken Mansfield’s faith and his moments in reflection with his Creator and Savior. So many Christians find themselves describing their faith with someone else’s words that it is absolutely refreshing to hear Ken tell of his moments in solitude with Christ.

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