Avoiding a Stage-Only Faith Part 4

Here’s another suggestion about how to avoid spiritual bankruptcy in ministry.  This might be one of my weaker points, but it’s definitely something I’m working towards.


The number one way in which we can guarantee making the same mistakes as those before us is to refuse to learn from their mistakes. The two best ways to prevent this from happening is to study history and meet with a mentor. Go to your mentor with a list of questions and allow them to help shape and mold you as a person, an adult, and as a minister. (A great source of these people are PDYM State Mentors that you can find at www.PDYMCommunity.com)

If you find yourself incapable of meeting with a mentor, allow me to suggest one alternative – if only on a temporary basis. Find a good book by a pastor or minister that you respect. Learn from that.

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