Avoiding a Stage Only Faith Part 3

Continuing our conversation of suggestions to prevent spiritual bankruptcy, today we look at what I consider to be our greatest challenge in the ministry fast-lane, but also the most important responsibility and opportunity we have.  Spending time with our family reminds us of our own inadequacies and limitations, while challenging us to better husbands, wives, daddies, mommies, sons and daughters.  When we get an accurate look at how we relate to our family, we can’t help but seek God.


If you’re not married, then your small group or community group is your family (or, if you’re living at home, your family is your family). But for those of us blessed with a wife (or husband) and children, it means turning off your communication tools (mobile phone, PDA, laptop, Blackberry – my personal lifeline) and spending alone time with them. Your day off is not an option! Your primary role as shepherd is to your family. Do not make the mistake of placing your family on the altar of ministry and sacrificing them in the same of serving God.

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