The Anticipation of What’s Next

Remember the last time you started something new? Maybe it was a new job, a new relationship, or a new car. Maybe it was stepping into a new stage of life – high school, college, marriage, parenthood, etc. Whatever it was, I have no doubt that there was a feeling in your gut of both sheer terror and pure exhilaration.

In the past, I described in a similar fashion as sky-diving.

In one sense, the wind in your face helps you realize that you’ve never felt so alive. On the other hand, however, you might need to check your pants when you land.

You’ve felt like that right?

I mean, I’m not actually crazy… right? (This is where you reassure me by acknowledging that I’m not alone. Or you just wink at your friends and totally leave me hanging.)

I'm loving these textbooks!

Next week, I re-enter the academic world and begin my quest to finish my seminary training. I’m absolutely thrilled, and absolutely terrified at the same time. Once classes get underway, it will all make sense again and I’ll be able to find a groove, but until then, I’m left with the anticipation.

What’s next for you?


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