Allyson Brooke Norman

5 years ago today, my beautiful wife gave me the prize gift of any father: a baby girl. That’s not to say that love her any more than either of my boys, but there’s something special about a little girl.

Even as a baby, she looked at me differently. Her eyes sparked a little more when she saw me. She cried louder. She smiled at me bigger.

I don’t care who you are, as a father, there’s nothing more precious than to hear your little girl say, “I love you daddy.”

So, today is all about Ally. She’s her daddy’s girl. She’s 5. And I’m going to give her all the attention she can stand today. Because, a girl only turns 5 once. And if I don’t spoil her on her 5th birthday this year, I’ll never have another chance to spoil her on her 5th birthday again.

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