A Holy Moment at the Mechanic’s

My Jeep is in the shop again. Today, on my way to a meeting in north Austin, she overheated with a broken fan clutch & apparently a blown thermostat.

Now, I’m not the kind of guy that finds demonic oppression behind every hard time I face, but this getting ridiculous.

Anyway, I was killing time in my normal fashion; reading Scripture, listening to various podcasts, and checking twitter from my BlackBerry. Then the song, “How he loves us,” played and I was just totally struck by the moment.

Almost in tears I was saddled with a firm and deepening resolve to push forward in the call God has given us in south Austin. Christ has given his life for me. He overcame sin, death, and the grave so that I might live. How dare I even consider giving up and giving in because my Jeep breaks down?!

I don’t often struggle with doubt, but enough opposition will lead you to think of alternatives. But in Christ, I can lift my face to God and thank him for teaching, shaping, and pruning me. And I can face whatever else is thrown at me, because of how he loves us.

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