A Holy and Loving God has the right to be Sovereign

E.Y. Mullins:

A holy and loving God has the right to be sovereign. Men have ever stumbled at the doctrine of God’s sovereignty, chiefly because they have not understood it. They have thought it meant that God was merely a predestinating omnipotence, that he is capricious lightning, a meteor God, moving across the heavens of man’s hope in a lawless manner, smiting one and saving another, without regard to moral law. They have thought of him as sovereign omnipotence or as sovereign omniscience instead of sovereign fatherhood, as he is. If he is holy and loving, if he has character, he has a right to be sovereign. We may say indeed that men have little or no difficulty in accepting the idea of the sovereignty of God so soon as they recognize character behind sovereignty.

The Axioms of Religion

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