A Big Step

For almost three years I have been serving as the Editorial Assistant for the Southwestern Journal of Theology and the Assistant for the Center for Theological Research and Oxford Study Program. I have had the honor and opportunity to work alongside scholars such as Drs. Terry Wilder, Madison Grace, and Malcolm Yarnell. And while I have enjoyed every moment in this position, I am looking forward to a new venture.

Beginning in February, I will begin working with the B&H Publishing Group of LifeWay Christian Resources as the Institutional Relations Manager for B&H Academic Digital. This means that I will be stepping down from my posts at Southwestern Seminary at the end of this month.

In this new role, I will be joining the B&H Academic Digital team as we come alongside churches, colleges, universities, and seminaries and help them provide the digital resources their students need. I will also have a role to play in acquiring new content for churches and schools, as well as for those who use MyWSB.com for sermon or lesson preparation.


Ten years ago I received my first digital sermon resource, WORDsearch 5. I remember discovering the benefit of an indexed library (which held more volumes than my office bookshelves could) and the hours of preparation time that were saved. I could not have imagined that WORDsearch would be purchased by LifeWay Christian Resources and that I would have the opportunity to join the team to help put this resource in the hands of pastors, faculties, and students.

Due to the travel that this new venture will require, our family will be able to stay put in Fort Worth where we are blessed to be a part of a great church, a tremendous homeschool co-op, and a supportive community at the seminary. Speaking of which, I have been assured that I will have the opportunity to continue my pursuit of a doctorate at Southwestern in this new role. The new flex-access option for PhD students will allow me to be in the classroom in person when possible and to join the class digitally when necessary. This past November, I was unable to join our seminar in person, so I joined from 29,000 feet.


Any change causes disruption. For the next few months, our family will go through something similar to breaking in a new pair of boots. No new pair of boots fits the first time. It will pinch here and there and feel a bit uncomfortable, but eventually the leather stretches, conforms to your foot, and fits perfectly. Please pray for our family as we move into this new season and search for a new normal.

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