You broke my heart Plaxo

I used to love plaxo. I really did. It used to have this really cool feature where you could update your contacts by sending a bulk email to everyone in your address book asking for their updated information. I once lost all of my contacts and this little program saved me. But several years ago they completely disabled that function, thoroughly eliminating that which was so attractive about their application – it was the best at keeping your contacts up to date.

Then a few years ago, the folks at plaxo decided they wanted to jump into the whole social networking phenomena, so they took developers away from what they do best in order to do something new. Bug fixes that were promised to have been solved were put on the back shelf and they launched out with pulse, their version of a twitter stream or facebook updates.

I almost deleted my account then, but plaxo still worked well keeping my gmail accounts and my outlook account sync’d.

But, then the big news came last week. No longer would they sync outlook for the free accounts, but only on the premium accounts, which charged around $50 each year.

And from their forums, the reasoning is to put developers back toward contact and address preservation (the thing they had once done so well, but had abandoned).

And I know that my deletion of my account will not make a big hit on their program. They won’t feel me leaving at all.

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