“Christ the Criterion for Preaching: Andrew Fuller and the Abrahamic Narrative,” in Perspectives on Andrew Fuller (1754–1815): Life, Thought, and Legacies. Pickwick, 2019.“Preachers must derive their convictions from Holy Writ. However, when those convictions are attested and demonstrated by voices from the past, it is to the preacher’s benefit to study the manner in which those same convictions were applied in that day. In light of the contemporary discussion regarding Christ-centered preaching, especially from Old Testament texts, it is helpful to look to the past for appropriate models. Those who advocate proclaiming Christ responsibly from the Old Testament find a steadfast example in the person of eighteenth-century Particular Baptist, Andrew Fuller.”

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The Works of Abraham Booth, vol. 2. Particular Baptist Press.“His writings testify, with what assiduity and perseverance he laboured to promote the honor of God, and the happiness of his fellow men. By his works ‘he being dead yet speaketh,’ not only to us, but to the Christian world. They prove him to have been an author of distinguished powers of mind—an able defender of the cause of God and truth.”
-From the records of the church in Little Prescot Street, 27 January 1806